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Dog Day Care Wirral


Holly has been rehabilitating dogs of all sizes and ages for 10 years.  Barry has been rehabilitating dogs for several years.  To date we have not had a case we have not been able to help.  We deal with a range of issues examples including neurotic disorders such as phobias of all kinds, anxious dogs, destructive behaviour, seperation anxiety, obsessive compulsive disorder, excitability, eating problems, sexual mounting, chasing, roaming, jumping up,  We do deal with nervous aggression after initial assessment.


holly & barry-  dog behaviourists and trainers

Holly and Barry do a variety of training.  Examples of which are intense puppy training (and socialisation), lead work (heel), recall work, basic commands, road work (road sense such as stopping at kerbs and using command to cross), whistle training, clicker training, helpful commands, unique training, show training and even tricks.


We are well equiped to deal with everything from nervous aggression to canine nutrition.

This is one of our behavioural cases - Duke.

He is a 17 nmonth old Bullmastiff who has numerous phobias.  He is unable to walk at the beach if he sees a boat he will bolt.  He spooks at skips, signs, skateboards, many noises and suffers general anxiety 

This is one of Barrys training cases - Bonnie.

She is a 10 month old French Bulldog who was jumping up at people passing, pulling on the lead, could just sit.  She was taught lots of basic training, heel work, clicker training and helpful commands.  She was sent home with a detailed training pack detailing how to carry on the good work at home.  Within one day she was described as a completely different dog by her owner.

This was one of Hollys behavioural cases - Molly

She is a 16 month old Yorkshire Terrier.  She was a very nervous dog.  She was frightened of large dogs, she wouldn't walk on hard floors (not medical) and would not walk on a lead.  By the end of her boarding stay she could walk on a lead, would walk on hard floors and was becoming more confident with other dogs.  Ideally it would have been great to spend more time with Molly as nervous cases need a great deal of time and patience but what we achieved during her stay was exceptional of only a few days.  We made videos of Mollys achievements for her owner to see upon her return.  She was astonished and was very grateful that we could help Molly.  An instructional pack was sent home with her so her owner could carry on the work with her

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KCAI Trainer of the Year 2015